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Posted by Arvi on Sunday, October 04, 2015
In my previous posts, I have shared some of our favorite montessori-inspired toddler activities as well as some of our favorite books for reading. I am big on the fun approach when it comes to teaching your child. And it has proven us that Ava responds to fun learning very well. 

I tried introducing writing to Ava earlier this year but she didn't seem to be interested, not a bit.  We have been enjoying reading, counting and playing (of course!) so I think it's about time we give writing another chance. Two weeks into these sheets/activities and we've made little progress! Lol. Progress is still progress right?

Earlier this year, I was able to get these worksheets from Powerbooks. The overall layout and colors look fun and the size variations are perfect for little tots who are just starting to trace/learn writing. Definitely something I would love to work on if I were a kid, that's why I assumed Ava would love it too. Lol.

These pads are around the size of an A3 paper. Here are some of the sheet contents. Each page is full of different scribbling activities and a few images that can be colored as well.

We also have smaller versions, around the size of a letter-sized paper, which are equally great. These ones should be perfect to bring in the car or just anywhere especially when we need something to let time pass.

It would be such a waste if we just write on these sheets once. That's why my next project would be putting these in a clear folder so Ava can write and wipe. I also thought of laminating but that would be a bit more effort and time consuming.

While we were at it, the idea of making an even smaller version seemed like another great idea. This one turned out to be a simplified version with lines, shapes, letters and numbers. The best thing about this is you can decide what to put in these sheets. Check below how this little project turned out.

Here are the things you'll need and some other alternatives that I think would produce the same.
  1. Paper - I used A4 size matte photo paper about 120gsm. It produced card stock type prints.
  2. Clear Folder/Booklet - We preferred a booklet with business card size insets. You can get one from any office/school supplies store. But what I would've preferred is the the one from Muji. Unfortunately, the branches we've been to were always out of stock.
  3. Worksheets - There are a lot of free worksheets online. But making your own is also a great idea. Just use a dotted font like KG Primary Dots for the letters and the alphabet. You can even opt for more colorful layouts instead of these plan ones.
Here are some worksheets to get you started. Just cut each one and put them inside the slots in the clear folder. Better if you have round corner cutters to make them look more fun. The cards were approximately 2"x3", about the size of a typical business card.

Have fun! :)

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