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Posted by Arvi on Thursday, March 09, 2017
Glad the hiatus did not take a whole year. Lol. So many updates, big and small, being pregnant with Baby Number 2 is the biggest I guess. Yes! We're having another baby! :)

Our hearts (and my body!) are getting bigger by the day. Mr. T and I are both excited and anxious even though it's our second time. Four years was long enough for us to be feeling like we're back to step one again.

But we are most excited for our little Ate Ava. She's been nothing short of awesome in this whole pregnancy. First, I had to wean her from breastfeeding a month after confirming that we are expecting. We tried to keep going but my body was just not cooperating. We had to sit down and talk to Ava about it and she was such a trooper. Just a few nights of crying herself to sleep or carrying, a week later, we were ok already. I still could not believe how mature Ava has grown that we are now able to discuss our decisions and options with her.

How our mornings look like lately 

You know how it is when having a child, all those milestones, transitions, etc. Well, we had a big one the other day, definitely one of those "Oh gosh, this is how being a parent really feels like."

This year, Ava finally said she's ready to go to school (even though Mama's still not). Fast-forward to the day Ava was to take her assessment test. I was pretty excited when we arrived at the school, and I'm pretty sure Mr. T was equally excited as he got his major throwback moment while we were walking on the same grounds where he used to run wild (lol).

The moment the facilitator asked us to wait outside during the assessment was when I started feeling anxious. All the more when Ava agreed without batting an eyelash. It was definitely a major mama moment for me, flashbacks of sleepless nights of breastfeeding, handwashing cloth diapers, heart attack moments during our BLW days, DIY learning activities and more (see our favorite learning materials here, here and here). I can't believe how fast time went by. And oh, the pregnancy hormones by the way. So we waited for about an hour and a half until Ava finally went out, hand in hand with her teacher (yes, the feels). Next was our interview with the principal. On our way to the principal's office I casually asked the facilitator how it went. She told me Ava did great, she was very smart and witty. She seemed really impressed. I asked if I can see the papers that Ava worked on. The moment I saw what she did, I myself was impressed as well. I mean, I know she knows the alphabet, I know she can count, I know she can color well and I know she can do basic reading. But to actually see her doing it outside our home, without me by her side coaching, definitely a proud moment. One of the best I must say.

At the principal's office was the oral interview, and this time we were there to witness. The facilitator has these wooden boards with numbers and letters. She started putting two letters together and asked Ava to read. In my head I thought, that's easy! She knows that! And indeed she does. After the second one the facilitator said "Mommy tutuloy pa ba natin she already knows how to read." She then moved on to the numbers and asked Ava to count what's on the board. Only took one board when she said that we are ok already. In between these exchanges were high-fives and chuckles between Ava and the facilitator. Both of them seemed to be enjoying what they were doing. We are seeing before our eyes all the efforts and hard work we have put in to be really hands on parents while working at the same time.

I was trying to hold back stage mama tears.

That's my daughter right there. :)

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