Holiday Hangover

Posted by Arvi on Monday, January 26, 2015
Looks like there's a trend going on here. I don't think I can manage this whole blogging thing and the holiday season ever. So let me put it out there to make myself feel less guilty. November and December means no updates here. Lol. Blaming it on the whole holiday feels. Hah!

Like everybody else, we got busy with work, making sure that everything's set and fine before everybody goes off for the long holiday. Dinners with family and friends, not your usual get togethers if you have parents and friends who came home from overseas. We wanted as much time as we can have with them.

And of course, we made sure that we will enjoy the longest vacation of the year with our darling daughter. This is probably the best one yet, now that she's bigger, she enjoyed Christmas more. Gift-giving, playing with our friends' tots, cousins and more. We had a quick family getaway with the in-laws in Tagaytay, where she enjoyed running around barefoot (Taal Vista lobby included. :P). Right after our Tagaytay trip, we then had a quiet double celebration of my 30th birthday and our 3rd wedding anniversary. We enjoyed it the most because it was her first time to swim in a real swimming pool. It was a delight watching her, she was fearless but still cautious. Then New Year, all those fireworks made her a little scared but she handled it very well. Holidays are always the busiest but definitely the most wonderful time of the year, don't you think?

Next thing we knew, it was time to go back to work. But with our hearts filled with so much joy, I think we have enough to get us through till the next. ;)

So I may or may not post some backlogs but there will be posts coming again. I'm excited again.

Happy New Year! :)