The Last Time

Posted by Arvi on Wednesday, June 14, 2017

A quick journal before I gave birth.

07 June 2017

We were originally scheduled for June 17 but it turns out, this baby wanted it to be a week earlier. And we weren't even surprised. We thought it best for me to take the a day off before I got admitted so I can rest and do our last minute preparations. Glad I did because I did not do any of those two. But instead, I spent the day playing, lounging, snacking, story-telling and playing with Ava.

This was the last day that it will be just as two.

I know we'll still have our own bonding time together. We even made plans already since I told her that I'd be staying at home for a while after I gave birth. She started babbling about having breakfast dates, going to Robinsons Magnolia just the two of us, her and Mr. T's dates, etc. I know it's gonna be fun, but I also know it's not gonna be the same again.

For four and a half years, she's been our only baby. While I know Ava's more than ready to welcome her new sister already, anxiety still hits while thinking how we're gonna adjust to our new normal. Maybe the anxiety was more for myself than Mr. T and Ava. Most days I felt excited, but there were days when I wondered if I'd be able to be as curious or as patient as I was before.

I think I will, I know I will.

But for now, let me just worry about the next activity that Ava and I will do, just the two of us, for the last time.

Life Recently

Posted by Arvi on Thursday, March 09, 2017
Glad the hiatus did not take a whole year. Lol. So many updates, big and small, being pregnant with Baby Number 2 is the biggest I guess. Yes! We're having another baby! :)

Our hearts (and my body!) are getting bigger by the day. Mr. T and I are both excited and anxious even though it's our second time. Four years was long enough for us to be feeling like we're back to step one again.

But we are most excited for our little Ate Ava. She's been nothing short of awesome in this whole pregnancy. First, I had to wean her from breastfeeding a month after confirming that we are expecting. We tried to keep going but my body was just not cooperating. We had to sit down and talk to Ava about it and she was such a trooper. Just a few nights of crying herself to sleep or carrying, a week later, we were ok already. I still could not believe how mature Ava has grown that we are now able to discuss our decisions and options with her.

How our mornings look like lately 

You know how it is when having a child, all those milestones, transitions, etc. Well, we had a big one the other day, definitely one of those "Oh gosh, this is how being a parent really feels like."