Letters for Ava

Posted by Arvi on Friday, September 20, 2013
I like to think of myself as a Martha Stewart lady. :D

I love DIY stuff - sewing, crafting, cooking, baking, you name it. Everything in Martha's website, I'd love to try someday. That's why I know for a fact that I won't get bored nor become a bum should I decide to stop working one day. Lol. Just imagine all the projects I can make! :)

We all know that parties are always the best events where we can go ga-ga over DIY stuff. All the more if it's your little darling's first birthday party. :)

Here's one of the many DIY stuff I've been working on for Little A's simple birthday party celebration.

Letter Paper Mâchés

I already did these huge letter paper mâchés for our wedding but that was before when I still have the time and energy to do every single thing. :D Now, I am excited for the crafting revolution that is happening in the Philippines. Resources are still a bit limited but they're slowly building up, one craft store to another. And then of course we have these online stores offering a wide variety of crafting supplies. Just like ARTees Collection where I got these kraft letter paper mâchés. Definitely saved me from a lot of paper cuts. ;)

So here's how easily I did this project:

Fambam Hits: la Creperie San Juan

Posted by Arvi on Tuesday, September 10, 2013
Our little fambam of three enjoys spending the  weekend bonding over food. Yes, even our 10-month-old little miss A is already a foodie. :D

So for our Sunday's foodie adventure, we went on a quick drive to San Juan to visit a quaint little place called La Creperie. 

The entrance to La Creperie

I love all things pretty and dainty, and this place has just the right amount of both. It's perfect for a simple family lunch to a romantic dinner date for two.

"All we need id Love, and Paris." | Second Level of La Creperie

Their second level, which can comfortably fit 20-30 people, can also accomodate intimate gatherings with families and friends.

Ezio Turned One

Posted by Arvi on Sunday, September 01, 2013
Oh wow, less than a month since my blog went online and I'm already delayed with my posts. Ha! :P But always better than nothing, eh? :D

We braved the looming wrath of Typhoon Maring before it hit the metro a couple of weeks ago to attend Ezio's first birthday party. :) Ezio is the first born of EF and Shiela, our friends from college. Didn't realize that we've known each other for more than 10 years already. From our inuman whatevers, here we are now, attending each other's weddings, baby christenings and now birthday parties. Ayayay, how time flies.

Sharing some photos from the party. :)