Keep Calm and Write On

Posted by Arvi on Thursday, June 04, 2015
So I've been MIA, what's new? :)

It has been crazy busy the last couple of months, with my work mostly but I'm grateful that we were still able to keep our work-life balanced. And since it's summer, we made sure we'll have some family fun. There was one weekend when we visited Kidzoona and then for Mother's Day, we went on a road trip to Bataan. I'll save the details for my next posts because what I'll be sharing now is what I was doing in between.

For the month of May, I started a new hobby which is lettering and calligraphy. I've been stalking The Fozzy Book and other calligraphers online but I just couldn't find the right timing to start. Meanwhile on Instagram, I started seeing posts of different people writing the same phrases or quotes in their own styles. Each post was tagged #letteritapril, I got curious and found out later that it's called the Letter It challenge being hosted by @jennymaiedae. For May, I finally decided to join. :)