Japan Home Wholesale Centre

Posted by Arvi on Wednesday, July 30, 2014
I chanced upon this Japan Home's Wholesale Centre when we picked up a parcel somewhere along Panay Avenue months before. I told Mr. T that we should check it out and it was only yesterday that we finally did.

Japan Home Wholesale Centre along Panay Ave.

The place was huge - two floors of 88Php madness. I am such a cheapskate and there are some stuff that I've been looking for for the longest time and finally found them here! :) I think my finds should be on a separate blog since we are still planning to go back and get more stuff.

Ground Floor

The ground floor is where most of the nice items are. And by nice I mean almost everything for the home. Some of my favorites were the food storage containers, storage organizers, laundry items, bento-making items and office storage organizers.

Second Floor

The second floor is where the food section is as well most of the office and the for the husbands supplies was. Personal grooming items, party supplies and pet supplies are also here.

Since it's a wholesale branch, they have a discount scheme if you get more items. 
Wholesale Discount Scheme:
                6-11 pcs. - 5% Off
                12-23 pcs. - 8% Off
                24-47 pcs. - 12% Off
                48 and Up - 15% Off
We already got some good finds from our visit yesterday and we are going back to get more. I will definitely share after that next visit and give some tips, not that I am a professional (lol), on what things you can get. They are not all cheap once you think about it especially if you've seen similar items in department stores. But if you already know what to get and how to take advantage of the 88Php madness, then Japan Home Centre is definitely a nice place to get stuff for the home. :)

Panay Ave., Quezon City
Tel.: (+632) 922 5994