A Family-Friendly Hong Kong Itinerary

Posted by Arvi on Wednesday, February 18, 2015
I thought of just picking up where I left off and share our travel itinerary during our Hong Kong trip.

This itinerary worked great for us. Mr. T and I love exploring so we really don't mind the commute, long walks and those stuff. Please also take note that I am a breastfeeding Mama (27 months and still counting) and Mr. T and I are both all out for babywearing. Those two things were big factors I guess because we were able to move around easily.

The beginning of our travel was a bit different though since I went ahead while Mr. T and Ava just followed two days later. But Mr. T just winged it and both husband and daughter arrived safely in Hong Kong. Lol.

Your hotel location is the best basis you can use in planning your itinerary. We stayed at Casa Deluxe along Nathan Road, just less than a five-minute walk from the Yau Ma Tei station. The MTR system of Hong Kong is very efficient so this was a big plus for us.

Day 1 | October 30

Arrived Hong Kong
Travel to Hotel
Lunch at Din Tai Fung
Walk around Avenue of Stars
Explored the Night Market

Our first day was pretty relaxed as we took a leisurely walk along Nathan Road, passing by Kowloon Park before we went to the Mira Mall for a sumptuous lunch at Din Tai Fung. We then walked some more and proceeded at the Avenue of Stars while we munched on some grilled squid and enjoyed people watching and sunset viewing. We stayed there until a little after dark before we went to the Ladies' Night Market where we saw the ongoing Occupy Central rally. If I were to ask, you can opt to skip this night market if you don't have plans shopping there. While it's true that there are a lot of stuff to see, it's just not kid-friendly. You can find other shops in less-crowded areas like Nathan or at Citygate Mall. After an hour of walking around, we decided to grab a quick takeout dinner and took the train back to the hotel.

Day 2 | October 31

Ikea Megabox
Peak Tram going to The Peak

I would suggest doing all your shopping activities in the last day of your stay. But since we wanted to be in Disneyland on the exact birthday of Ava. Our shopping immediately started on Day 2. Lol. :)

We chose to go to the Ikea store in Megabox basing on the feedbacks we gathered online. And it did not disappoint. We took the train from Yau Ma Tei until Kowloon Bay and walked inside the MTR Malls till we reached the free shuttle parking area going to Megabox. We arrived at Ikea a little after 10am, just in time for breakfast. While we we were already familiar with Ikea products already, visiting the actual store was a totally different thing. Ava enjoyed walking around picking stuff along the way. And guess what caught her attention the most? 

From Megabox, we took the free shuttle going back to the MTR station and headed for Central. We then took a leisurely walk going to The Peak Tram station.

Riding the tram going to the Peak was a lot of fun. The trip was shorter too compared if you take the bus. There's not much to see at The Peak, except for the magnificent view of the cityscape of Hong Kong. While I also love the cityscape at daytime, the night time view is just breathtaking. I don't think I will ever get tired looking at it. And being able to see it with Mr. T and Ava at the Sky Terrace is beyond amazing.

Madam Tussauds is also located at The Peak. It's not much to see but it's still worth the visit if for the first time. Take a lot of photos and that's it, not much to return to.

Day 3 | November 1

Happy Second Birthday Ava!

Where else? But the happiest place on earth! :)

I think our Disneyland trip is worthy of a post on its own but I might as well share an overview of our day.

We had a Character Dining Buffet Breakfast at Enchanted Graden before starting our stroll at the Disneyland Park. I highly suggest this because you can enjoy a wonderful breakfast (food was really great!) while Mickey and friends visit your table all throughout your breakfast.

After kicking off our day with a hearty breakfast, we then proceeded to the park and enjoyed the rest of our day. I just can't tell who among us enjoyed this day the most. :P

Day 4 | November 2

As I have mentioned, save your shopping till the last day. :D

And that's what we did!

Here's a tip, pack your bags the night before and just alot one luggage where you can put all the stuff you'll shop the next day. After getting ready in the morning, before you leave for the day, check out your room and settle your hotel bill. You can just lock and leave your luggages at the lobby, go shopping, then just come back again, stuff all your things in the bag and leave for the airport.

This was indeed a wonderful first trip for our little fambam. And I can't wait when and where our next trip will be!

It's almost summer! I hope I have shared one or two notes that can be of help in your future travels as well. I have previously posted some tips that you might also find useful if you're planning for a summer vacation. Please check out this post. :)

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    1. Hi Jackie,

      Yes, I recommend Casa Deluxe. Fairly priced with clean rooms (and T&B!). Very accessible to the Yau Ma Tei station. :) If you check out their site, you'll see photos of the rooms and they are pretty much how they actually look in person. :)


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