MamaGuilt: I Hate Play-Doh!

Posted by Arvi on Saturday, May 07, 2016
We did another round of toys shake-up because, well, it seems like our toddler is starting to move out and a kid is slowly moving in. Dear heart, please.

Anyways, so another round of going through Ava's toys, clothes and other stuff included. If I was my 20-year-old self, going through my stuff and deciding which to keep and which to let go would be such a daunting task. But when Ava was born, I slooowly learned how to keep things that we only need. Plus, reading up about Marie Kondo's The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up helped a lot. This deserves another post. :)

Moving forward, so we went through all of Ava's toys and discussed which to keep and which to let go. A lot of bargaining but I think we both did a pretty good job. So on to my main point, one big move we did was to get rid of ALL our Play-Dohs!

Don't get me wrong, Play-Doh is a great toy, I think it encourages a lot of creative play and looks like it can also help develop fine motor skills but my goodness! The mess it makes! The clay falls apart, especially when they are starting to dry out. It goes into the tiniest of places all around our room. And I don't think Ava and I can handle when the clays get mixed together. Everytime two or more clays accidentally mixed up, she would ask me to "fix" them and separate them again. Now, how to do that?! But in all fairness, we really enjoyed playing, it was fun while it lasted. LOL. But the mess outweighed the fun this time. I asked Ava if we can let go of the Play-Dohs and move on to other toys instead. I think the feeling was mutual, we didn't even have to negotiate. So now, we are a Play-Doh-free household.

Now, LEGO.

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